Friday, April 17, 2009

The Franchise

Hi! Welcome! This is my new science fiction blog Skynet High, dedicated to my favorite sci-fi franchises, Terminator and Star Trek. With Terminator: Salvation and Star Trek coming up next month, I have lots to blog about. And with Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles on an undeserved deathwatch ... well I'll be damned.

If Sarah Connor Chronicles is canceled by FOX--boo!--then it will be up to franchise fans to continue the Sarah Connor Chronicles off-Terminator canon. I've got my own fanfic notions on the mysteries of Cameron, just what Sarah Connor is up to out in Los Angeles right this very moment, and young John Connor's destiny in the alternate timeline.

I will be very pissed if the Star Trek movie lays a bomb--but we'll wait and see. The 'Academy Pups' theme never played very well in TNG* IMHO, for the simple reason that gifted persons who grow up to be Starfleet captains pass through a phase of acute sphincteritis when they are young -- Major Asshole Syndrome is a natural phase in a starship captain's emotional development. Remember Shinzon of Remus in Nemesis? Did you just want to slap him? Well, that's what Jean-Luc Picard was like at StarFleet Academy. And if the mature James Tiberius Kirk, tempered by time, suffered nonetheless from delusions of godhood, can you imagine the size of his ego as a young cadet?

Even so, I'm still excited about Star Trek. I'll see it on Day One. And between now and Judgment Day (May 18th Fox announces renewals), I'd advise FOX to take its cue from 43 years of Star Trek: The Franchise will never die. Terminator Forever!